I was born in Berlin 1989, when the wall came down. 
Photos from back then still move me and ever since I wanted to tell the stories of the world in pictures.
Trained as an editor and cameraman I became interested in journalistic photography. Since 2011 I have worked for various newspapers and magazines. In recent years I have been a permanent freelancer for the german news wire service -dpa- and working as a photographer for companies as well as NGO’s.
Nowadays I try to shift my focus more and more from news to documentary photography with a new approach driven by a genuine personal interest and less preconceptions. 

2017: dpa photo of the year - Series 
2016: VG-Bild-Kunst scholarship Running from War to Rio
2015: Moscow International Photo Award, Honorable Mention
2013: dpa news talent Leather City Of The World

2019: Joint Project w/ Cafebabel BorderlineLublin and Beyond
2014: A personal touch - Hugo Boss x Berlinale

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