For many, the little village of Proschim, not too far from Berlin, has been a symbol of resistance to the opencast coal mining industry in eastern Germany. While the energy company ‘Vattenfall’, which wants to expand its nearby open pit, already talks about possible relocations, the district refused categorically, till now. Apparently it’s time for a change of heart. Because the city councils tipped a majority decision from 2011. According to which, everything should be done against the expansion of the mine.

The brown coal secures around 8,000 jobs in the otherwise structurally weak part of eastern Germany. Vattenfall currently operates five mines and several power plants in the second largest brown coal mine throughout the country. The newly elected head of the village is a employee with ‘Vattenfall’ and open to talks with the energy company.

Since then, half of Proschim is regularly protesting against the expansion, the other half welcomes it. This is about the relocalization of 340 people.

Assignment for Dagens Nyheter // Writer: Lina Lund

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